We build and design industrial containers with our technicians to house low and medium voltage switchboards, transformers, process skids, generator sets.

We can modify marine containers or we build containers with non-standard dimensions, weights and characteristics based on the needs of our customers.

We can make our products for the most diverse environments, climates with extreme temperatures, ATEX, marine environments for the most varied uses.

Furthermore, we can equip them with lighting systems, fire detection, air conditioning systems and provide for the insertion of switchboards and transformers


A process skid is an autonomous modular plant built with specific characteristics in order to optimize some production processes.

The Skids allow to assist the operation of more complex industrial plants, to create an autonomous unit that can be integrated or not into an existing production system, with the characteristic of being able to function without necessarily interrupting the functioning of the existing plant.

The advantage of skids derives from the fact that they are assembled and tested before their arrival at the site of use. Integration with the main system is therefore very rapid and this allows to minimize interruptions in the production cycle, also avoiding installation costs and site tests with the related costs, improvisations, errors and long modification times.

Our skids can be supplied with supervisory systems for a constant collection of product data and recorded in the central unit of the plant, in order to guarantee the traceability of the final product and the guarantee of the quality of the finished product.


We work in various sectors offering solutions that meet safety requirements, guarantee operator comfort, as well as satisfy customer requests.

Our technical-design versatility gives the possibility to customize the cabin model imagined by the customer in the various design phases, to allow the creation of the cabin that reflects the wishes of the end customer.

We also offer our customers the replacement of existing cabins worn out by time, working conditions and out of step with safety requirements. Based on the conditions, we can propose both the rebuilding of the existing one or even replacement solutions, keeping our quality and cost cornerstones firm. service. If necessary, we also provide for the disassembly and assembly of the recovered or replicated components as the originals according to the customer's specifications.


Our lifting equipment such as jib cranes, lifting beams, wire ropes, suction cups for lifting, hoists and many other products for industrial lifting, are designed and developed in collaboration with the end user.

In the design and construction of our lifting systems, with the aim of ensuring rapid deliveries, product reliability and ease of maintenance, we apply design criteria based on the utmost attention to the aspects of efficiency and effectiveness. The CE certification, the use and maintenance manual and all the necessary documentation are drawn up by engineers in possession of the required legal requirements.

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